German school’s expansion plans fear

German school expansion

There are growing fears over a German school’s expansion plans in Suffolk.

The academic institution in Framlingham has changed its logo, seen above on a street sign in the town, to one that has worrying overtones.


Locals say the German School appeared friendly at first but has shown ambitions to take over other schools in nearby Ipswich and Felixstowe.

Insiders say it has already annexed a wing of a school in Southwold without permission.

Now education authorities are being asked to investigate the motives of the school’s owner, Hans Upp, originally from Austria but who has lived in Germany for many years.

He is known to have widespread expansion plans for his school, which only teaches German and German history.


Local mum Lorraine Fisher, 34, said pupils at the German School were extremely well behaved.

“They have a cadets section and we can hear them marching around most days.

“Some people are worried, but our local mayor, Mr Chamberlain had a meeting with Herr Upp and assures us their is absolutely nothing to worry about.

“We’re told the school has no plans to expand, but that it is simply looking to develop a close relationship with a Polish school some time very soon.”

Herr Upp was unavailable for comment.


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