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Bury St Edmunds RSPCA denies ‘animal sacrifice’ allegations

Bury St Edmunds RSPCA denies ‘animal sacrifice’ allegations
Bury St Edmunds RSPCA denies ‘animal sacrifice’ allegations

The Bury St Edmunds branch of the RSPCA found themselves under scrutiny from none other than one of their concerned supporters.

By Rob Banks, Crime Editor

The source of the controversy? A seemingly innocuous banner hanging outside their high street shop that read, “Helping Bury Animals.”

Distressed local cat enthusiast, Loraine Fisher, already worried by the recent disappearance of her beloved feline companion, Fluffy, was taken aback by what she interpreted as a macabre message.

In a fit of alarm, she reported the RSPCA branch to …themselves, alleging cruelty to animals – the very thing the five-member team campaigns against.

Clarification was promptly provided to Loraine, explaining that the sign was not a sinister call to ‘bury animals’ but rather a testament to their commitment to assisting the furry residents of Bury St Edmunds.

However, Burke remained unconvinced, her suspicions fueled by the lingering uncertainty surrounding Fluffy’s whereabouts.

Dead cat bounce

As the misunderstanding gained traction, local gossip mills churned with tales of midnight burials and dark, satanic rituals, however, in the end, the branch members, described by Loraine as ‘a coven of witches’, weathered the storm of scrutiny, their banner still proudly displayed and donations, surprisingly, up.

As for Fluffy, the search for the elusive feline continues with Loraine raising a suspicious eyebrow each time she passes the Bury RSPCA.

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