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You couldn’t make it up. Suffolk is full of strange and wonderful stories, and while our tales are clearly intended as satire, they do get repeated by gullible mainstream media, including Sky News and national newspapers.

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Got a story for us? Use the contact form on the Contact Us page and send in an idea – and if we like it, we’ll get back to you or develop it ourselves, so long as it is not libelous, racist, sexist, abusive etc – and that it makes sense!

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Here’s our award-winning Suffolk Gazette reporting team

Crime Editor: Rob Banks

Crime Correspondent: Hugh Dunnett

Gardening Writer: Anita Bush (RIP) – see her In My Lady Garden column

Defence Editor: Doug Trench

Angling Correspondent: Courtney Pike

Religious Affairs Reporter: Rev Evan Elpus

Railway Correspondent: Casey Jones

Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

Property Correspondent: Ruth Tyler

Farming Correspondent (intern): Ivor Traktor

Political Correspondent: Polly Ticks

Royal Editor: Jane Seymour

Consumer Correspondent: Colin Allcabs

Entertainment Editor: Arthur Pint

Economics Editor (on secondment from the Peking Times): Foo Tse

Security Correspondent: Ben Twarters

Cycling Correspondent: Bernie Legg

Cricket Correspondent: Jock Strapp

Aldeburgh Reporter: Peter Grimes


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