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Young farmers impressed by new electric ‘Mini Norfolk’

Young farmers impressed by new electric ‘Mini Norfolk’
Mini Norfolk “The choice of young Farmers”

British car manufacturer, Mini, (owned by German car manufacturer, BMW) has unveiled the new ‘Mini Norfolk’, specifically for Young Farmers.

Retailing at £29,000. Available in five colours (Muddy Blue, Muck Brown, Straw Yellow, Swine Pink, Hedgerow Green). The impressive electric-powered Mini Norfolk is inspired by the farm machinery and country styling of the wonderful Norfolk countryside.

Key Features Include:-

  • Two massive rear wheels and two small front wheels all with Westwood / Countax tractor tyres.
  • A single large leatherette driver’s seat with a designer tear along one side exposing the foam within.
  • Large, mud-covered, wide-angle wing mirrors to observe the lengthy trail of cars building up behind you as you pootle along a narrow country lane.
  • A built-in, state-of-the-art music player pre-programmed with the Wurzels greatest hits.
  • Adjustable tow bar including combine harvester locking attachment.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Mini hopes that the vehicle will appeal to Young farmers, upwardly-mobile farmers, milkmaids, and stable hands.

Young Farmers Club Feedback

James Jenkins of the Norfolk chapter of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs told this reporter “Mini koindly invoited our members to test droive the Mini Norfolk at their head arfice… in Germany. When we arroived in Munich, we were treated loike king farmers.

There was Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, and Berliner donuts laid arn, arl warshed down with Holsten Pils. Arfter thart, we got behoind the wheel and we arl was skidding around their test track loike nobardy’s business.”

And how did the car fair in your opinion?

“Well as electric car/tractor hybrids go, it ain’t bad at arl. The thing oi loiked best abowt it is its deceptively spacious interior. You can easily fit a large ewe on the backseat.”

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