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M4 Cow trafficking racket exposed

Cow trafficking racket exposed
Cow trafficking racket exposed

The M4 motorway has become a cow trafficking hot spot according to Welsh police.

Wales, which only has one breed of cow – Welsh Black cattle.– has become a hotbed of cow trafficking as Welsh farmers seek to expand their cow breeding capabilities.

Daily numbers of up to 50 Jersey, Friesian, Aberdeen Angus, and other cow types are being intercepted.on their way to Wales by Welsh cow police as they seek to stem the influx of ‘foreign’.cows being illegally smuggled into Wales by European cow trafficking and smuggling gangs.

Welsh cow deficit

Cows, also known as ‘cattle’ are scarce in Wales due to Welsh farmers’ obsession with sheep. European Cattle smuggling gangs are exploiting this cow deficit by ferrying-in cows.from across Europe on small boats specially reinforced with cattle grids, under the noses of bent French border police who couldn’t cow less.

According to Welsh police, the ‘bovine boat people’ (animals) make their way across the English Channel from Jersey,.an island that is over-abundant in cattle. Jersey cows are considered the prettiest of cow breeds by those who like their cows a warm beige colour,.but are generally disregarded as attractive by those who prefer their cow skins to be a combination of black and white blotchy patches.

What is your favourite cow type?

Other cow breeds of the beige/brown/red variety being smuggled into Wales via the M4.– sometimes in the back of family hatchbacks – include, The Red Angus, The Limousin, and the Hereford – although the latter tends to display a white face which can be, when viewed up close or in photographs, upsetting to cow purists and small children.

Boringest Cow

Probably the most boring cow to have been intercepted on its way to Wales is the Red Poll breed. Red Polls are basically brown, with a large rear end and no horns. They are s a dual-purpose breed developed in England in the latter half of the 19th century and are a cross of the Norfolk Red beef cattle and Suffolk Dun dairy cattle breeds. In other words, Red Polls are NFN.

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