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Cardi B suffers ‘rap rip’ after Brazilian bum lift backfires

Cardi B suffers ‘rap rip’ after Brazilian bum lift backfires

MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE – Cardi B, suffered a bum rap rip after a major wardrobe malfunction left her audience with a front-row view of her anus.

Entertainment Editor: Arthur Pint

The 26-year-old sensation, known for her electrifying performances. Twerked with such vigour at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival that her jumpsuit ripped in time with the pounding riddim.

As Cardi B gyrated and grooved before the Tennessee crowd. Her multi-coloured jumpsuit could no longer withstand the power of her buttocks. Leading to a catastrophic zip split right on her back crack.

Spectators were treated to an unexpected close-up of her voluptuous arse as the garment gave up. Prompting a swift and discreet cover-up from the artist, who later donned a bathrobe to salvage her modesty.

Gown but not out

True to her professional nature, Cardi B refused to let the mishap derail her performance and soldiered on with her set. Taking to her Instagram account later, she shared snippets from the event. Including one clip where she sported a skimpy Gucci swimsuit and white knee-high boots, exuding confidence despite the wardrobe indiscretion.

Cardi B’s Rip performance

Continuing Cardi B rip-roaring performance, Cardi’s professionalism and resilience shone through as she entertained her fans. This time, with just the odd tit hanging out of her gown.

The incident follows a series of health challenges for the superstar rapper. Including complications from plastic surgery undertaken to enhance her appearance post-pregnancy. While doctors advised her to take a break and recuperate, Cardi’s determination to fulfil her commitments saw her disregarding medical advice to perform at earlier events.

With performances rescheduled and health concerns looming. Cardi B’s recent mishap serves as a cautionary reminder of the perils of artificially enhancing already sizeable tits and arses in pursuit of record sales.

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