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Labour demands apology over Tory MP’s ‘rude’ behaviour

Labour demands apology over Tory MP's ‘rude’ behaviour

The Labour Party has called for an immediate groveling apology.and an expensive, pointless investigation into the behaviour of a random Tory MP… let’s say… err… James Cleverly MP

Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs.over claims he mistreated staff while purchasing goods in the House of Commons shop.

Here we go again

The BBC, The Guardian newspaper, and various other rabid left-wing outlets are reporting that anonymous.(i.e. they don’t exist) civil servants and other staff were offered counseling after the incident which allegedly happened as Tory MP Mr Cleverly popped into the commons’ shop after leaving the chamber last Tuesday lunchtime.

The reports say that the Tory MP acted in a “rude” and “aggressive” he was purchasing a Jamaican Patty and a bottle of spring water from the House of Commons on-site shop. The anonymous (i.e. they don’t exist) victims allege that The cabinet Minister “failed to say.thank you in the correct tone of voice nor raised a convincing smile” as he paid for his items in cash.

In reply, Cleverly’s spokesman said he “doesn’t always find it easy to smile but always acts with the utmost professionalism when buying his lunch”.

The Guardian’s report said it had spoken to “multiple sources” who all claimed the same thing:.(how coincidental) that Mr Cleverly had created a “culture of fear” at the checkout and that his behaviour with shop staff had been “demeaning” and “very rude and aggressive”.

What now with Tory MP?

In support of the pathetically spurious claims of its socialist rag co-conspirator, The BBC repeated the Guardian’s carefully-vaguely-worded report which claimed several sources had told it that about (more or less) 15 or 100 members of staff from Tory MP Mr Cleverly‘s private office felt they were “not sufficiently warmly greeted by the minister in the morning, nor appreciatively bade goodbye at the end of the day, resulting in hurt feelings and extreme anxiety when forced to be around the minister in the workplace.”

The BBC also reported that Alpha Romeo, the silliest and most insipid civil servant in Westminster, had spoken to Tory MP Mr Cleverly to warn him that he must treat staff professionally and with respect… which when you break it down, in no way supports the allegations being made against the Minister in question but merely adds to the general atmosphere of unproven wrong-doing with which the two news organizations are attempting, in collusion with one another, to smear the Tory Government, which they hate.

Toilet humour

Concerns have also allegedly been expressed to BBC News about Mr Cleverly’s alleged (untrue) tendency to not thoroughly wash his hands (especially between the fingers and around the wrists) after he uses the cabinet office’s unisex toilet.

Despite all of the above pathetic piffle, however, no formal complaints have been made against the cabinet minister.

Says it all really.

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