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New Pringles ‘Penis Cheese’ flavour: a taste that’s hard to swallow

New Pringles ‘Penis Cheese’ flavour: a taste that’s hard to swallow
New Pringles ‘Penis Cheese’ flavour: a taste that’s hard to swallow

SNACKS AISLE, ASDA – Pringles, the beloved snack brand known for its inventive flavours, has sparked outrage with its latest product offering: “Penis Cheese” flavoured Pringles.

The flavour, inspired by the infamous cock-related substance known as smegma. A thick, white, cheesy buildup that can accumulate under the foreskin of the penis, has turned stomachs across the globe.

While some may argue that the snack market has seen it all. Others say the introduction of Penis Cheese-flavored Pringles takes things to a new low.

Suffolk resident Henrietta Pish, 81, chair of the Bury St Edmunds chapter of the campaign group. Residents AGainst Everything (RAGE), expressed her disgust at the controversial marketing ploy. “I am absolutely appalled by this filthy gimmick,” she declared. “After all, I much prefer a nice, mild Edam cheese to a pungent cock cheese any day of the week!”

Fromage fiasco

The announcement has also ignited a firestorm of criticism on social media. With many users questioning the morals of the marketing team behind the decision. Some have even called for a boycott of the brand.

Fearing that the introduction of such a controversial flavour could irreparably tarnish Pringles’ reputation as a family-oriented sharing brand.

All new cheese Pringles

Despite the uproar, Pringles remains defiant, insisting that the Penis Cheese flavour is simply the first in a pipeline of genital hygiene-based flavours such as ‘Fish and pickle’, or ‘Dijon Discharge’.

Whether the controversial new cheese flavour will find a place alongside classics like “Chile Con Queso” and “Cheddar and Sour Cream” or be relegated to the annals of snack history remains to be seen.

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