Sunday, May 19, 2024

Norfolk six-fingered gloves make £100million profit

A Norfolk business which specialises in making six-fingered gloves has posted an astonishing £100 million profit.

Chairman of Keep It In The Family Ltd, Mr Ken Ary, said the firm had gone from strength to strength in recent years thanks to astonishing local demand.

“Everyone in Norwich and throughout the county of Norfolk needs six-fingered gloves, and we spotted the gap in the market. Demand has been so good that we are proud to post £100 million profit figures today.”


The Norfolk six-fingered glove
But it was not all good news for the Keep It In The Family business. Mr Ary said its range of flip-flops footwear had to be withdrawn since locals with webbed feet could not wear them.

“It was a set-back, but thankfully the six-fingered glove sales have more than made up for it.”

To celebrate the bumper profits, Keep It In The Family is handing out thousands of pairs of the six-fingered gloves to Norwich City fans outside Carrow Road before this Sunday’s crucial derby with East Anglian rivals Ipswich Town.

Alex Neil
Alex Neil

The firm has even signed a deal with Norwich City manager Alex Neil to wear their gloves on the touchline.

A club insider said: “We are very pleased to have partnered with Keep It In The Family, and are grateful for the work they do for local Norwich fans.”

Meanwhile, Mr Ary said the firm was expanding its specialist clothing range.

“Should Norwich somehow manage to gain promotion back to the Premier League this year, then we have prepared by making some very big hats and oversized boots.

“Already the local supporters are showing signs of being too big for their boots – and their heads are getting bigger by the day.”

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