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Nike’s jersey design blunder blamed for England’s Football Flop

Nike's jersey design blunder blamed for England's Football Flop
Nike’s jersey design blunder blamed for England’s Football Flop

WEMBLEY STADIUM, LONDON – England’s national football team faced embarrassment on the field after Nike’s new jersey strip design.

By Our Football Staff

The controversial new jersey featured a modified version of the iconic cross of St. George. With various shades of blue, purple, and red, stitched onto the back of the collar. Straying from the traditional red and white design.

Nike defended the move as a bid to “unite and inspire,”. But critics, including UK opposition leader Keir Starmer, slammed the alteration, insisting that the flag didn’t need changing.

Amid growing public outcry, Starmer condemned the decision. Emphasising the flag’s unifying significance and calling for a reversal of the design change. He also criticized the steep price tag of £124.99, urging a reduction in cost, a request which Nike completely ignored.

Turning in their graves

Nike faced mounting pressure to reconsider its stance, with Starmer’s sentiments echoed by other political figures and fans alike. The company issued a statement, expressing regret over any offence caused and emphasizing its intention to honour the heroes of England’s 1966 World Cup victory through the jersey’s design elements. A line of defence which left the Lions of ’66 turning in their graves.

The controversial Nike England jersey

However, the damage had been done, and England’s morale suffered as a result. The team’s disunited and uninspiring performance in the friendly matches only fueled the controversy further. With fans and pundits alike attributing the poor showing to Nike’s ill-conceived design choice affecting moral.

As debates raged on social media about the appropriateness of the altered flag design, two-faced politician, Labour’s Emily Thornberry criticized Nike’s decision, asking who only England’s flag and not other nation’s was changed. The debacle marked another misstep for Nike in its handling of England football apparel, following previous controversies surrounding jerseys availability during last year’s Women’s World Cup.

As the fallout from the flag fiasco continued, questions lingered over Nike’s future collaborations with English football, national team manager, Gareth Southgate thanked his lucky stars that for once, the blame for the latest England failures has been pinned on someone else.

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