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3 music trends that are more popular than ever in 2021

Hip hop music

Every year, music trends and genres experience a bit of a shift. Certain trends are brand new, while others may be ‘recycled’, where a trend from a few decades beforehand comes back around. This is the incredible thing about the music industry – things are constantly changing and shifting but there are certain trends that will always remain iconic. 2021 is no exception to this – there have been a couple of trends that have really been big this year so far, whether they are new or old. Here are just a few of them.


One music trend that has been shown to be extremely popular so far this year is hip-hop. This musical genre was really big back in the ‘90s, where it all really began. Since then, hip-hop has had a huge cultural influence and has pretty much stuck around at some sort of level. This year, we have really seen its popularity return, with people appreciating its origins as well as being able to enjoy it in a contemporary setting. The Bronx in New York was largely where this trend began, but now it is huge in many places around the world, including the UK and parts of Australia.

Clothing trends such as baggy trousers, flat caps or chains are typically associated with this genre and are an example of how it has had a wide influence.

Dance and Electronic

Dance and electronic, another musical genre that was popular in the ‘90s, is seeing a massive comeback now too. Everyone loves a bit of this music, with it being perfect for summer and parties. Having been in lockdown on and off for over a year now, a lot of people are ready to get back out to the clubs properly and embrace music like this. 2021 is the year for freedom and celebration after a difficult number of months, so this musical accompaniment is ideal.

Pop Music

Pop music, stemming from ‘popular culture’ has always been and continues to be big and influential around the globe. This is typically the kind of music you would see on the charts and a lot of the most catchy, well-known songs come under this genre – especially now, with the rise of social media such as ‘Tik Tok’, pop music has truly seen a big comeback. Having had more time to spend alone, a lot of people have found a new appreciation and passion for music that they may not have had previously. If you haven’t found this but want to get more into it, consider making some playlists of songs you like and listening to them in your spare time.

Music trends are pretty unpredictable and it is never clear what will be ‘big’ next. However, music is also very subjective and what may be viewed by some as an amazing song, may be hated by another. Even when our musical tastes don’t align, it is fun to listen to it when you are socialising in a group setting.

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