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Shy Suffolk Emergency Service staff to receive ‘assertiveness training’

Shy Suffolk Emergency Service staff to receive ‘assertiveness training’

BURY ST EDMUNDS, SUFFOLK – Emergency service crews in Stanton and Barningham, near Bury St Edmunds, are set to undergo assertiveness training following reports of awkward encounters with shy personnel.

By Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

Concerned members of the public have raised alarms after witnessing firemen.and police officers attending traffic accidents and house fires with their backs turned, seemingly too shy to face the public.

The incidents, described as ‘awkward’ by witnesses, have left onlookers ill at ease. As emergency responders coyly mumble their instructions and carry out their duties with an air of doubt and timidity.

In one particularly bizarre case, a fireman was spotted extinguishing a house fire. While facing away from the flames with his hose over his shoulder, apparently too bashful to confront the inferno head-on.

Grow a pair

In response to the strange bout of stage fright. Authorities have announced plans to provide assertiveness training for all frontline personnel. The training will aim to boost confidence levels and equip emergency responders,.with the necessary skills to engage with the public in a more assertive manner. Training techniques are said to include: role-playing going on a first date and reciting poetry in front of an audience.

Next level emergency service

While the initiative has been met with scepticism from some quarters. With critics arguing that shyness is hardly a desirable trait in emergency service workers. Officials are hopeful that the training will help to address the issue.

In the meantime, residents are advised to exercise patience and understanding when interacting with timid emergency responders. Bearing in mind that even the bravest among us may occasionally suffer from a case of the jitters.

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