Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sniff my sausage: Greggs launches own-brand aftershave

Sniff my sausage: Greggs launches own-brand aftershave
Sniff my sausage: Greggs launches own-brand aftershave

Greggs Bakery, renowned for its delectable sausage rolls, has entered the smellies market with its branded fragrance for men: “Eau De Sausage.”

Consumer Correspondent: Colin Allcabs

The scent, which promises to capture the essence of Greggs’ iconic pastries. It has been set to take the world of perfumery by storm.

With its unmistakable aroma of delicious, freshly baked sausage rolls,. “Eau De Sausage” aims to appeal to fans of the popular bakery chain. Those who want to be permanently surrounded by the aroma of their favourite savoury treat.

Nation-wide stock availability

The new Eau De Sausage is available in selected retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges. As well as Greggs stores nationwide. “Eau De Sausage” is poised to challenge established celebrity-branded fragrances.

With names like Intimately Beckham and Cé Noir facing a stiff challenge from the allure of the pork-ponged perfume. Greggs is confident that its aromatic creation will sniff at the competition.


The recipe for “Eau De Sausage” is shrouded in secrecy, with Greggs keeping the fragrance formula closely guarded. Much like the closely protected recipe for its beloved sausage rolls. Speculation abounds that white pepper is the key ingredient that contributes to the fragrance’s irresistible allure. Greggs remains tight-lipped on the matter.


Contemptuous Industry experts have expressed scepticism at Greggs’ foray into the world of posh fragrance. The appeal of a scent that evokes images of sweaty, working-class builders, scoffing savoury pastries rather than floral bouquets or exotic spices.

Others believe that the bold move could pay off, tapping into consumers’ fanatical appreciation of the iconic bakery chain.

Meanwhile: Greggs, the baker, is adding a new ‘vape-while-you-wait’ service to its offerings.

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