Woman runs off with stolen Wedgwood plate on head

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Queen wedgwood plate

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Police are hunting an elderly woman who allegedly stole a distinctive classic blue Wedgwood plate from a pottery shop.

They say the well-spoken pensioner popped into the Norfolk Pottery Emporium near Sandringham last Tuesday.

She browsed the shelves and was seen to put the plate on her head before running out of the store without paying.

CCTV cameras caught the woman – said to be around 90 years old – on camera, and now Norfolk Police have released the photograph above.

“We hope someone is able to recognise the culprit, who was caught on film red-handed with the Wedgwood plate on her head,” a spokesman said.

“She is well dressed and has a classy British accent and is around 5ft 2ins tall.”

Officers believe the woman made off in a dark blue Range Rover in the direction of the nearby Sandringham Estate.

Store owner Daphne Spuckler, 56, said the mystery woman tried to disguise the classic Jasperware-style Wedgwood design by popping it on her head.

She than calmly walked out of the store without paying.

“She wore it a little bit like a crown. It’s very odd – I wonder who she was?”

The distinctive plate is made of traditional blue Wedgwood porcelain with its trademark white patterned design across the top.

Police say anyone with information about the woman, or of the stolen plate, which is valued at around £50, should call Crimestoppers.

They say it was unfortunate that Royal Protection Squad officers, who were operating in the area at the time, had not seen anything suspicious.

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