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Vietnamese ‘Pigmobile’ is a testicle spectacle!

Vietnamese ‘Pigmobile’ is a testicle spectacle!

A Vietnamese pig farmer living in Suffolk has constructed a custom-made, motorized ‘pigmobile’ to transport his unusually well-endowed pigs to market.

The reason behind this bizarre innovation? The pigs’ mammoth-sized testicles make traditional transportation methods unfeasible.

Poor pig farmer

Nguyen Hoang, the ingenious Vietnamese pig farmer who resides in Suffolk’s rural countryside. He faced an udderly massive problem when trying to transport his prized porkers.

It turns out that his pigs possessed testicles that could give even the most confident bull a run for its money. Attempting to load these prodigious porkers onto a standard truck. Proved to be a logistical nightmare and a painful experience for both pig and farmer alike.

So, Mr. Hoang put his thinking cap on and came up with a revolutionary solution – the pigmobile. The custom-built ‘pig limousine’ was concocted by shunting together a lawnmower and an old dog kennel. With the addition of a couple of old tyres, some chicken wire, and a driver’s seat, the transporker now ferries up to 50 swine to market a week.

Google translate

“Các phương pháp truyền thống không hiệu quả” Hoang chuckled, “nhưng giờ đây những con lợn của tôi có thể cưỡi theo phong cách, với big sweaty bollocks của chúng được hiển thị đầy đủ cho những người mua tiềm năng!

Local villagers have been left in stitches at the sight of the pigs cruising around town. Children run behind the pigmobile, laughing and pointing at the testicles spectacle, while adults marvel at the creative problem-solving skills of the farmer.

Animal welfare organizations, however, have raised concerns about the pigs’ comfort during their unusual journeys. Hoang insists that the pigs seem to enjoy their rides, citing their contented oinks as evidence. “Họ hạnh phúc như pigs in shit!” he proclaimed proudly.

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