Saturday, June 1, 2024

‘Pot’ Nigel Farage calls ‘Kettle’ Harry ‘Black’

‘Pot’ Farage calls ‘Kettle’ Harry ‘Black’
Farage calls Harry ‘a low grade, money grubbing disgrace’

Former scrap metal trader and EU-baiter, Nigel Farage has been accused of ‘calling the kettle black’.by assigning to royal turncoat, Prince Harry, many of his own less-appealing personality traits.

In a Twitter post ridiculing the sub-standard, unintelligent, materialistic, shameless spare Windsor as ‘a low-grade, dim, money-grubbing disgrace’. Nigel Farage appears to have attracted accusations of hypocrisy and a lack of self-awareness. Surely not?

The attack on Prince Harry, by the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.– who is no stranger to controversy – incensed Twitter users who retaliated with accusations against Nigel Farage.ranging from expenses fiddling as an MEP, to avoiding UK tax by setting-up offshore funds, and generally having too many financial business interests to accuse others of ‘money-grubbing’.

Two black pots

Quite why it is not possible for BOTH men to be equally guilty of all such charges was not made clear by the Twitterati.

Kettle called black by Nigel Farage calls pot black

Ginger Prince Harry and traitor to the UK, Prince Harold, has himself been accused of ‘doing as he does,.and not as he says’ (?) by accusing his own family members of leaking stories about himself and his wife – Meghan, the wicked witch of the west – to the press, while embarking on a very public campaign of… wait for it… leaking stories to the press about them. No wonder King Charles III directly questioned his spare son on ‘who his real father is?’

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