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‘Gaviscon Firemen’ Sunak & Zelensky to extinguish flames of war

‘Gaviscon Firemen’ Sunak & Zelensky to extinguish flames of war
‘Gaviscon Firemen’ Sunak & Zelensky to extinguish flames of war

CHEQUERS, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE – Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky are set to make a joint cameo appearance in the next Gaviscon TV advert, drawing comparisons to the iconic Gaviscon Firemen.

By our Defence Editor: Doug Trench

The uncanny resemblance between the two leaders and the classic Gaviscon characters has sparked a wave of social media speculation and anticipation of their TV advert debuts.

The unexpected collaboration comes after Zelensky’s last visit to Britain, when he was greeted with warmth and camaraderie by Sunak. The Ukrainian president’s European tour garnered attention, with stops in France, Germany, Italy, and now the UK.

However, it was his rendezvous with Sunak at Chequers that stole the spotlight. Particularly the moment captured on camera. When both leaders – dressed in flying gear that resembled TV’s Gaviscon Firemen – shared a brotherly hug upon Zelensky’s arrival via Chinook helicopter.

Double action

Ahead of their joint appearance in the Gaviscon advert. Zelensky expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. Stating, “The UK is a leader when it comes to expanding our capabilities on the ground and in the air. This cooperation will continue today. I will meet my friend Rishi.

We will conduct substantive negotiations face-to-face and in delegations. If your English food gives me the indigestion, I will use Gaviscon – yes, Gaviscon – to make things better.”

Efforts of President Volodymyr Zelensky

The decision to feature Sunak and Zelensky in the latest Gaviscon advert comes amidst discussions of substantive negotiations and cooperation between the two nations.

Including the recent authorization of long-range cruise missiles by the UK government. Zelensky, swigging from a bottle of the pink stuff, hailed the decision as a significant enhancement of efforts in the never-ending Ukraine/Russia conflict.

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