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Sewage Water Research Centre scientist bangs the clean water drum

Sewage scientist bangs the clean water drum

SWINDON, UK – Andrew Drinkwater, Principal Engineer of sewerage, pollution, and flooding at The Water Research Centre in Swindon, may not have become the rock drummer he once dreamed of, but he’s certainly making waves in the sexy world of water management.

In an exclusive interview with the SUFFOLK GAZETTE, Drinkwater revealed how his childhood ambition to emulate the legendary John Bonham of Led Zeppelin fame never quite materialized. “I had the hair, the drum kit, and even the Zeppelin posters plastered on my bedroom walls,” Drinkwater reminisced, “but alas, the rock’n’roll gods had other plans.”

Water under the bridge

Undeterred by his failed rockstar aspirations, Drinkwater redirected his talents towards a more aqueous endeavour. “I realized that my destiny was pre-determined by my surname,” he explained, “so I decided to dive headfirst into the world of water.”

After trading his drumsticks for textbooks, Drinkwater immersed himself in the study of physics, chemistry, and water technology. This pivot proved fortuitous, leading to a distinguished 40-year career as the UK’s foremost expert on drinking water.

Water Research Centre priorities

Today, Drinkwater occupies a pivotal role at The Water Research Centre, where he plays a critical role in safeguarding public health, protecting the environment, and enhancing community resilience against water-related challenges and hazards. “It’s not quite rocking out on stage with a guitar solo,” Drinkwater admitted, “but ensuring safe, clean drinking water for all is a noble pursuit in its own right.”

Despite his short-lived brush with the world of rock music, Drinkwater remains ever mindful of his musical roots. “Sometimes,” he confessed with a wistful smile, “I stick on my favourite  Led Zep tracks like, ‘Fool in the Rain’, ‘The Ocean’, and ‘The Rain song’, while I’m working in the laboratory!”

With his expertise and passion, Andrew Drinkwater continues to make a splash in the world of water management, proving that sometimes, the road to fame may lie along an unexpected path … or river.

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