Man suffers terrible accident during World Naked Gardening Day

A Suffolk man taking part in World Naked Gardening Day has undergone emergency surgery after suffering an unfortunate accident.

Mr Derek Blythe, 63, from Woodbridge, was pruning his wife’s bush with a sharp pair of shears when he slipped and cut off much more than he bargained for.

The retired butcher, renowned locally for his sausage recipe, lay in agony on his back lawn until emergency services arrived to rush him to Ipswich Hospital.

“Let’s just say age is not the only reason he won’t be having any more children,” a hospital spokesman told the Suffolk Gazette.



World Naked Gardening Day accident

Shear horror: Derek photographed moments before the accident


Neighbour Cheryl Stephens said: “Derek and Jane take part in this World Naked Gardening Day every year. They remind us the day before so we don’t accidentally see anything over the garden fence.

“I heard this terrible scream and looked outside. Jane was in pieces – but perhaps Derek more so. I called the ambulance.”

Medics expect Derek to be in hospital for two weeks after performing a delicate operation to reattach an important part of his body.

“Fortunately he was a butcher and knows how to keep meat in good condition. So his wife was able to wrap it in ice and bring it with him to the hospital.

“We expect Derek to make a full recovery, although he won’t be getting up to much in the garden for a while.”

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