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Suffolk resident lost mortgage payment on roulette

mortgage payment
Suffolk resident and film fanatic loses her mortgage payment on an online roulette game

Lorraine Fisher – 34, from Lowestoft, is a notorious gambler and film fanatic. She is banned from almost every casino in the UK after she lost her mortgage payment on roulette

Most online gambling platforms have put her on the blacklist from playing blackjack. She has lost approximately 8 million of other people’s money since 1992.

Just before she lost mortgage payment:

Fisher used to be a film critic writing for famous publications such as “Writer, Pants on Fire” and “BBC (Buttery Cookies & Cream)”. She developed a gambling and alcohol addiction which led her to be easily inspired by her favourite films and ended at losing her mortgage payment.

Fisher tried to get 100 radioactive spiders to bite her hoping she would turn into the first ever “Spiderwoman”. The incident led to a coma which she recovered from a year after.

Fisher also tried to fly off a building using a broom stick because she claimed that if a bunch of school kids can fly, I can fly.

Miss Fisher decided to start her very own fight club. She went on social media and on the BBC news inviting everyone to her fight club. The police department showed up to her house an hour later because it is illegal to have people fight each other for money.

Criminal background:

She was arrested and let go a week later.
Lorraine Fisher was once again overly inspired by her favourite movies.

She was watching Passenger 57 the other day and was inspired by the lead actor’s comment to the bad guy.

Good guy, “Have you ever played roulette?”

Bad guy, “On occasion.”

Good guy, “Let me give you some advice, always bet on black”.

Fisher’s first thought to this was, “I…don’t…see…in…colour”. But then she thought about how she can win big money.

She said, “It inspired me to take a punt and put this month’s mortgage payment of £10 on black. I mean it’s a 50/50 shot, right! What is the worst thing that can happen? It is like flipping a coin.”

What they don’t tell you is you walk away with nothing if you lose. What sort of odds are those?

How clever Lorraine is?

Later that night after inevitably losing she stated, “I better find a clever way to tell the husband we can’t afford to eat tonight. Wish me luck!”

She came up with a brillant excuse.

She told her husband, “Hubby, you see what had happened is I put money on black playing roulette, it landed on black and I would have won but the power went out. There was an outage because everyone was trying to text their hubby that they won. Nobody won and that’s what happen”

Her husband forgave her and now they are both living in motels, gambling online trying to recuperate that money back.

Love is blind and if it is dumb too, you will be broke in love.

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