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Lowestoft’s Gull Wing Bridge renamed Gull Poo Bridge

Lowestoft’s Gull Wing Bridge renamed Gull Poo Bridge

LAKE LOTHING, LOWESTOFT – In the latest twist to the ongoing saga of the construction of the new Gull Wing bridge in Lowestoft. Suffolk Council has announced further delays due to an unexpected issue: the color of the bridge.

Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

According to hard-hatted Chief Building Supervisor, Lorraine Fisher, 34, the bridge arrived in a shade of white that was not quite up to par with expectations.

“It looked nice on the brochure,” Fisher lamented, “but when we got it, it looked a bit too ‘seagull white.’ We were hoping for a more ‘bird poo white’ finish.”

Numerous setbacks

The Gull Wing bridge, touted as an iconic and important infrastructure project for Lowestoft. It was intended to be a much-needed addition to the town’s landscape. Designed to reduce traffic congestion, regenerate the area, and attract new investment to the local economy. The bridge has faced numerous setbacks since its inception.

Originally scheduled to open in 2024, the project has been plagued by delays, ranging from funding issues to construction challenges. However, the latest setback involving the colour of the bridge has left many rubbing their foreheads in frustration.

“It’s absurd,” remarked local resident Peter Johnson, 45. “We’ve been waiting for this bridge for years, and now it’s being held up because of the colour? Who cares what colour it is? They want it bird poo white? It will be bird poo white by the time they finish it, ffs.”

Gull Wing Bridge opening

As construction crews scramble to find a solution to the colour conundrum. Residents are left to wonder when, if ever, the Gull Wing Bridge will finally become a reality. In the meantime, traffic congestion continues to be a headache for commuters, and hopes for a brighter, whiter future for Lowestoft remain on hold.

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