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Norfolk pilot fell asleep missing landing spot

Pilot fell asleep

Rumble strips to be added to clouds after Norfolk International Airline pilot fell asleep missing their landing spot.

Luckily nobody was hurt because the plane was on autopilot. Eventually they circled back and landed safely.

Due to this very dangerous scenario, Norfolk airlines will be more strict with their hiring policies, training, and “Air/Road Signs”.

Solution suggested after pilot fell asleep:

Airlines will add speed bumps and rumble stripes to the clouds, bigger brighter green, yellow and red lights so the pilots can see more clearly. They will even add more stop signs and yield signs to maintain the safety of the aircraft.

Peter Grimes, the CEO of Norfolk International Airlines stated,

“We will implement a new system to keep our beloved pilots from falling asleep on the wheel. We will have a dedicated team at the receiving station monitoring the pilots physiological and psychological states. If blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rates fall below resting rates, we will administer a shock to the pilots shock collar. If that doesn’t work, then we will have the co pilot spray hot sauce in his eyes. The co-pilot will take over momentarily until the pilot regains his vision.”

Grimes later stated:

“All pilots will go through the same exercises that the actors went to prepare for the movie 300. If a pilot does not have a perfect physique and great vital signs, he will not be allowed to fly. We are responsible for flying thousands and thousands of people per week. It is too much of a liability to hire just anyone.”

Norfolk airlines is also implementing a new training strategy where a pilot has to fly in a fighter jet to the moon and back in less than 5 hours. He has to go to the moon, take a big dump on the moon, take a picture of it and return to earth. This is the final stage of Norfolk pilots training to avoid any pilot fell asleep again.

It is a very intense training regiment. Last year, out of 30 pilots that went through the training, only 1 pilot passed. That pilot was Chuck Norris’ twin. Only one flight a day was able to leave Norfolk.

Can you imagine a plane approaching Norfolk, expected to land but is still at 37,000 feet? Peter Grimes said, “This will be the first and last time this will happen. I can guarantee it.”

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