Woman uses Just For Men hair product, grows beard

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Just for Men

A woman who foolishly used Just For Men hair dye product ended up growing a beard, it has emerged.

Daisy Spuckler, from Downham Market in Norfolk, ignored strict instructions that the product to remove grey hairs was for men only.

She popped into her local chemist and purchased a bottle of Just For Men hair product, then splashed it all over her greying head.

But Daisy, 57, was horrified that although her grey hairs become a beautiful dark shade of brown, she also started to grow a beard.

Within five days she more or less had a full beard and had to return to the chemist to buy a razor.

The shopkeeper refused to give her a refund for the Just For Men hair product, because the packaging explicitly says women should not use it.

Daisy, who lives in Norfolk with her brother and their eight children, has been told she will always now have a beautiful beard – and that she can use the alternative Just For Men beard colouring product to ensure it remains free of grey stubble.

She has decided to make the best out of a rather annoying situation by joining the Norfolk Traveling Freak Circus, which is currently enjoying a summer season in Great Yarmouth.

A family friend said: “Everyone knows Just For Men can only be used by men. She’s not too clever when it comes to that sort of thing, so she sort of accepts it’s all her fault.

“She is getting used to the beard. Her brother quite likes it, actually, and enjoys stroking it in the evening.

“And because she’s joined the circus, she’s actually the first member of her family to get a proper job.”

An insider at US makers Combe Incorporated said: “What part of Just For Men did this woman not understand?”

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