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School bans traditional short-back-and-sides haircut to stop bullies

A Suffolk school has banned the traditional short-back-and-sides haircut – because pupils are being bullied for being “square” or “mummy’s boys”.

The head teacher of the North Suffolk Modern School in Lowestoft has written to every parent explaining that today’s youngsters express themselves in a vivid range of “varied and wonderful” hairstyles.

Now any boy arriving in what would be classed as an old-fashioned short-back-and-sides haircut will be sent home.


The letter from head teacher Mike Barrymore began arriving on doormats in Lowestoft this morning, and one concerned parent forwarded a copy to the Suffolk Gazette (reprinted above).

Mum Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “This is ridiculous. I always insist my 14-year-old Jamie is smart and he has a short back and sides. Now he won’t be allowed into the school until he grows it longer or shaves weird shapes into it.

“If other kids are bullying boys for being smart, then that is a sad state of affairs. It is even worse that a school is seemingly endorsing their behaviour.

“Some of the haircuts I’ve seen at the North Suffolk are a disgrace. Parents need to smarten them up and conform.”

Jamie Fisher will now have to remain at home until he does something more creative with his hair.

short back and sides haircut

Bullied for being smart: Jamie Fisher, 14

The letter states: “I am sorry to report that cases of bullying against boys with a ‘traditional’ short-back-and-sides haircut have increased in recent months. While some of our more old-fashioned parents think a short back and sides is ‘smart’, this unfortunately makes your child stand out as a ‘square’ or a ‘mummy’s boy’ (these are words from the classrooms, not mine).”

It adds that the school’s policy has always been to be “inclusive” and so all children should be allowed the creative freedom to have extraordinary haircuts.

Mr Barrymore said: “As I am sure you are aware, most children now have varied and wonderful hairstyles – long, spiky, gelled, coloured or ruffled – and I read recently that one Norfolk school has many boys with something called a Meet Me At McDonald’s hairstyle. Brilliant!”


Some parents were fully supportive of the school’s position. Dean Whiting, from Lowestoft, said: “Any boy with a short-back-and-sides haircut is just a sad little square.

“They look like something from a prep school and are the type that will deserve a bop on the nose for being a creep.”

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