Harry and Meghan refuse to cut ties with the Suffolk Gazette

By The Editor

For more than 124 years, the Suffolk Gazette has been an online newspaper of record, beloved and respected by kings, queens and common people.

As a trusted truth-seeker, we have watched aghast as certain periodicals played fast and loose with the facts while covering the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

It was no surprise when Harry and Meghan announced this week that they were cutting all cooperation with Britain’s tabloid press.

But we here, from our palatial offices in East Anglia, were never concerned. We have only ever written the truth about the Sussex newly-weds.

It was no coincidence that the Royal pair will continue their cooperation with your favourite newspaper.

Harry’s press attache Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Both Harry and Meghan have always admired the Suffolk Gazette’s high standards.

“We are hoping to invite the Editor to Los Angeles shortly to give him an exclusive interview.”

Editor to Take Mug With Him

The Editor reveals tonight he will take a topical mug as a belated wedding gift for Harry and Meghan. The mugs are produced by our exclusive partner, DirtyOldGoat.com (which has nothing to do with Camilla).

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