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Harry & Meghan deny re-writing history

Harry & Meghan deny re-writing history

Harry & Meghan – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have denied re-writing history.after they were criticised for their accounts of events that led to their departure from ‘the institution’ aka ‘their family.’

Revelations made by the discreet, retiring twosome in their recent ‘Harry & Meghan’ Netflix docuseries.– for which they were paid a reported $100 billion.– have differed from the accounts given by many who knew the couple at the time. The likely-true allegation that the Sussexes exaggerated or embellished the truth as they knew it in order to make their docuseries more exciting,.has been strongly denied by the reclusive royal lovebirds.

Harry & Meghan’s Future

Now, as the dust begins to settle after the controversial Netflix release,.the Duke and Duchess are said to be determined to retire back into the privacy of their modest Montecito, California, home for a period of introspection and reflection on how best to pursue the normal, private lives they so desperately seek for themselves and their children – who also starred in the Netflix series.

The first stage in this new, understated existence will be signalled by the next Windsor/Markle presentation,.a series called ‘Live to Lead’, which is said to be inspired by Nelson Mandela and his ilk. So as not to draw too much unwanted press attention upon themselves,.Prince Harry will wait for a few weeks before the release of his Memoir, ‘Spare,’ in January. Phew!

Jesus Christ

According to friends, the Duke and Duchess may release a children’s book version of the nativity story in the fall of 2023. According to insiders, the idea is still only in rough draft form but the SUFFOLK GAZETTE can exclusively reveal the basic synopsis of the book. As the following early draft reveals, the embattled couple is determined to avoid further allegations of ‘re-writing history’ by sticking closely to the traditionally accepted storyline… 

The Story

“It was a dark night over Efrat with many, many bright stars in the sky. Meghan and Harry approached the hotel uncertain of what kind of welcome they might receive. Harry’s feet were sore from his long walk, but Meghan, despite being heavily pregnant with God’s son, was quite comfortable on the back of the padded zebra which had carried her baby and her along the seemingly endless pebble road from Nazareth.

Finally arriving at the red carpet, the exhausted couple entered the hotel through a heavy revolving door. Pushing at the glass sapped the last vestiges of energy within their ragged bodies, but a kind man appeared before them offering assistance. It was the concierge of the hotel. They were grateful for his help but the two fellow travellers’ relief quickly turned to disappointment when the concierge confirmed Meghan and Harry’s worst fears. All the rooms were fully booked. There was nowhere to stay after their long, arduous journey. Meghan fixed the concierge a cold hard stare. It seemed to go on for minutes, although it probably only lasted a few seconds. Uncomfortable, the concierge broke Meghan’s gaze and looked sheepishly at Harry. Any sympathy he had hoped to elicit was unforthcoming as the Duke pretended to look around the hotel foyer, randomly, whistling an old army song. Meghan realized she would have to do the talking. ‘No rooms, eh? None at all? Is it because I’m black?’”

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