Wednesday, June 12, 2024

‘Manbaby’ Harry showing no signs of growing up

Hypersensitive manbaby and Prince of Los Angeles, Harry Windsor, is showing no signs of growing up despite the passing of time.

The touchy ginger, who turned his back on his family after he discovered them to be in league with the devil, has reportedly been pissing and moaning about his evil father’s decision to kick him and wife, Cinderella, out of Frogmore Cottage, their grace and favour five-bedroom mansion within the Windsor Estate.

Repossessed by the Devil

Sinister King Charles made the decision to evict his second, uneeded son after his repeated bitch-slapping of his Queen Consort and bit of country crumpet, Camilla in his malevolent memoir Spare. Reportedly, the Sussexes of Los Angeles have been told to get their shit out by Tuesday of next week.

Putting on a brave face, but unable to conceal his innate immaturity, Harry yesterday marked World Book Day by reluctantly agreeing to pose with a giant copy of his autobiography at a testy photo opportunity organized by the Rohald Dahl Thought Police Association in New York City. Sporting a new comb-over hairstyle, a fresh-faced, yet somewhat grouchy Harold, proceeded to autograph copies of his best-selling book by dipping his thumb into pots of coloured paint and imprinting his mark on the inside covers.

Following a few rounds of ‘Humpty Dumpty’, and an updated version of ‘Jack & Jill’ called ‘Harry & Meghan’ (Harry & Meghan went up the hill to fetch a massive paycheck, Harry fell down and broke his crown, and Meghan came thundering after), the nitpicking Prince, bent his giant book cover in half, stamped his foot, and marched petulantly out of the door.

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