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Man who dressed as a Nazi lectures us about ‘institutional racism’

A wealthy, privileged man who used to dress as a Nazi is now lecturing us about alleged racism in the Royal Family.

Mr Harry Wales, who does not live in the UK anymore because he and his actress wife were not getting the right kind of attention, decided to protect his privacy by granting a television interview to the world’s most famous television interviewer.

And that just days after being interviewed by James Corden while sitting on top of an open-top bus driving around Hollywood.

To ensure the media gave them a break from intruding on their privacy, Harry and Meghan revealed to Oprah Winfrey:

  • Their second baby was a girl
  • Details of a private gift the Queen sent Meghan
  • Details of private moments with Her Majesty
  • Family conversations that should have remained private
  • They only had the £10 million Harry inherited from his mother, and the multi-million-pound fortune earned by Meghan so the UK taxpayer should pay for their security
  • Their upset that their son would not be a Prince (even though he did not need to be by convention)
  • Meghan absolutely did not Google anything about Royal Family before dating and marrying Harry, she just loved him for way he is.

But it was the allegation that someone in the Royal family asked what their son would look like that caused the biggest outcry.

Claiming racism in the Royal Family, and widespread racism in the media would clearly be abhorrent – even though presumably dressing up as a Nazi is part of the “endemic” problem.

It was intriguing viewing, especially for anyone watching on the latest digital televisions from Amazon.

Royal watcher Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “The Nazis were not known for their tolerance.

“Harry and Meghan thinks their generation and the ones before it have not done enough to right the wrongs of the past.

“But it’s okay that he dressed as a white supremacist because he was young, bless him.”

In a further twist, Piers Morgan quit GMB, possibly before being pushed, to spend more time with his bigotry.

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