Saturday, June 22, 2024

Cows produce more milk listening to Ed Sheeran songs

A Suffolk farmer has revealed his dairy herd produces 50% more milk if he plays Ed Sheeran music to them. It’s their favourite moosic.

Potato and dairy farmer Maurice Piper says his cows love Ed Sheeran songs so much that milk production has rocketed.

“I don’t know why it is but they love Ed Sheeran, and his music plays on a loop in the dairy shed at milking time.

“I personally can’t stand his music. But if it increases my profits, who am I to argue?”

Mr Piper said the Ed Sheeran revelation was discovered by accident.

“One of my farmhands, Angus Hereford was supervising the milking one day when he had his iPhone music on the speaker, playing Ed Sheeran’s new album.

“The cows ears pricked up and you could see more milk coming out straight away.

“We experimented with other music. from classical and country music to rap, but nothing else worked. In fact, we tried heavy metal and it had the opposite effect – production went down.”

Mr Piper and his team have now installed speakers in the milking shed so that each of his cows can hear their favourite Ed Sheeran songs, which the team purchase on Amazon.

But staff now wear headphones because they are udderly fed-up listening to Sheeran, who lives just 10 miles away from Mr Piper’s farm near Woodbridge in Suffolk.

Ed Sheeran’s PR person Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Ed’s song’s appeal to everyone but we wouldn’t want to milk it.”

Here are some more moosical stars we think cows would enjoy:

  • Cream
  • Full Fatboy Slim
  • Muse
  • Four Bottle Tops
  • Supergrass
  • The Moove
  • Simply Red Poll

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