Monday, July 1, 2024

Larry the Cat goes missing from Downing Street

What or whom was inside Dominic Cummings's cardboard box? (Photo: ITV News)
What or who was inside Dominic Cummings’s cardboard box? (Photo: ITV News)

Police have launched an inquiry after Larry the cat mysteriously disappeared from Downing Street.

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Adorable Larry, who has become a global star, was last seen moments before Dominic Cummings left his post in Downing Street, clutching a large box.

There are serious concerns about what Boris Johnson’s fallen chief adviser had in the box.

While some aides feared it contained secrets and damning evidence of a Government in crisis, but police now believed all it had in it was Larry.

Inspector Lorraine Fisher, 34, of Westminster Police said: “It’s a cat-sized box, after all. We have been told Mr Cummings may have cat-napped Larry and will now hold the country to ransom from a secret lair. In Durham.”

Police are now scouring the land for Larry the cat, who people wish was the Prime Minister.

A pal of Mr Cummings insisted the box contents were simply some Specsavers glasses and his Phil Collins CD collection.

*Hat tip (or is it cat tip?) to Alastair Stewart on Twitter for the inspiration!

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