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5 successful ways to beat the bookie’s prop bets on the Super Bowl

The NFL is one of the wealthiest American sports leagues that feature massive betting games. Every year, it brings many surprises to the fans by highlighting the field’s best players and teams. Not only that, but they partner with many trusted sportsbooks to provide the best price-guaranteed wagering games it carries.

One of the most played betting games in the NFL is proposition bets. Commonly known as “props”, this betting category gives you the power to become a fortune-teller. Unlike the points spread, money lines, and totals, where numbers are your best friend, the prop bets needs the right prediction to the proposition set by the bookies before the match begins.

Hence, it does not require you to analyse the values and lines set by the bookie. Although it can help, your predictions are solely based on the skills of the team of players. Thus, if you visit this page on the FanDuel website and other trusted sportsbooks to fulfill your Proposition betting games, here are ways to ace the bookie and win tremendously.

Find props that are easy to interpret

Strong analytical skills are needed to win at prop bets. Many punters are skipping this kind of NFL betting because guessing equates to losing more money. While it’s true that there is a lower chance to grow your bankroll when you bet on predictions, there is a great profit that awaits when you simply choose prop bets that are easy to analyse.

You don’t have to bet every prop bet that’s offered by every bookie. All you have to do is find a proposition where you think your prediction is the real outcome. With this, you can ensure that you are gambling for the right entry. For example, betting Mahomes to win the Super Bowl MVP is more relevant than other QBs in the league.

Choose the exact term and category

NFL prop bets make vague terms that are sometimes difficult to understand. So, when you opt to gamble for this category, make sure to familiarise terms like touchdowns, yardage, passing yards, fumbles, sacks, interceptions, etc. Others are terms proposing who could be the MVP or  Rookie of the Year.

Apart from that, propositions are also categorised by team or player. That said, do not mix and match your props. When you wager for the team props, put everything in one place. On the other hand, if you would like to predict the players’ propositions, you must also do it in another place to avoid confusion.

Get away with the statistics

For punters who are betting other categories apart from prop bets, statistics will surely help. But, when it comes to wagering your predictions, numbers should not affect your decision because it should be based on the current match. Some bettors would likely look back at how each player started the season to bet for props, but it does not bear weight in reality.

It can be relevant somehow, but coming up with a prediction for a proposed bet is purely situational. It depends on what type of match is going on and who the current players perform inside the field. Also, your predictions might be influenced if you find two heavy favourites jousting or an underdog coming after a more hyped team.

Find the best lines

You have to apply the same idea when you gamble for the points spread, totals, and money lines. Bookies have different marketing strategies to entice every punter in utilising this site. Some are offering big bonuses, while others are making unique promotions. With this, you should shop for the best lines to land a higher payout.

Finding the best lines when betting for the prop bets is also comparing how the proposition looks. You must also balance the value you will earn as to whom pays you better when you hit the bullseye. By doing such, you are sure that you’ll get the best deal and are making the most out of your money.

Keep the good strategies within yourself

There is a greater opportunity to earn more in prop bets as long as you know how to ace the bookie. Once you find a good technique in beating their lines, try to keep these techniques within yourself. Aside from the bookie, other punters do their best to know what you are doing and why you win too much.

Building practical betting ideas and sharing them is not bad, but you don’t have to tell everyone. These are benefits of your sweat and hard work so take advantage of it while it’s still useful.


Prop Bets might not be tempting like the spread, but it’s a good wager to consider. For a punter who does not want to deal with numbers and statistics, props are the best football betting game to play. If you dream of sufficing a fruitful bankroll through prop bets, the tips above can significantly help.

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