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School openings suspended as kids working in mines to help pay bills

working in mines
kids working in mines to help pay bills

Suffolk elementary schools empty due to kids working in mines to help pay bills. Superintendent, Dennet who oversees Hillpoint Elementary, Oakland Elementary, and Florence Bowser Elementary, among other schools made a public statement.

He had this to say, “It was the first day of school and none of the students showed up. We called the parents and they said that they were struggling with bills due to Covid layoffs, inflation and unexpected emergencies. The parents didn’t even bother to call the schools because that is the least of their worries. They simply shipped their kids to the coal mines”

Parent’s statements on kids working in mines:

One parent came forward and said, “I don’t care if our kids have to deal with toxic gasses, explosions, being crushed or drowned down there, I need my Netflix and fresh salmon every night. Between me and you, those aren’t even my real kids. They are adopted so it’s totally fine.”

Lorraine Fisher, 34, mother of Luther McJonald who is only 7 years old volunteered to work in the mines. Fisher stated, “I told him, he did not have to work in the mines; his father is a successful real estate agent. He owns most of the commercial buildings in Suffolk and Norfolk. Luther insisted.”

Luther McJonald had this to say, “My friend Billy, and my bestest friend Nigel, who is also working in mines cuz..cuzz his parents are poor. His parents r poor… poopy pants…cuz they r… and I want to help Billy and Nigel because Bi and Niggy are my bestest friends in the whole wide world. I don’t want to go to school alone. I want to be with them.”

The kids are aging rapidly. They are no longer “miners” working in the mines. They are just regular adult miners at this point. In just 6 short months, Billy, Nigel, and Luther look like they are 19.

They are only 7 years old!

Superindented Hugh Dennet sent out a letter to all parents saying, “You don’t have to send your kids down there. If you need financial assistance, you can come work at the school and we also

have government programs that can help you with your financial needs. The kids need a formal education. They are not kids, but the future adults of Suffolk. Please, bring your kids home. They love you.”

It has been 2 years and the kids are still down there working their little butts off. Most of the families are financially free now and still want their kids down there.

Is leaving your kids down there “injustice” or “ingenious”?

You decide. They are your kids.

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