Monday, May 20, 2024

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Cordless jump leads make charging your battery simple

Cordless jump leads over the internet

A Dutch company has invented cordless jump leads that charge or jump start your car battery using only a wireless internet connection.

Technology specialist Van Halen makes the clever devices at its Suffolk factory and has already got a full order book.

With Might As Well Jump, gone are the annoying long black and red cables that got tangled up and never quite reached your car battery from an electric socket or another car’s power source.

Now you simply use the cordless grips, which connect over WiFi to an app on your mobile phone.

When you press the charge button the signal provides the power for Might As Well Jump to either charge your car battery or jump start it from scratch.

Van Halen company spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, speaking from the factory at Brandon, said: “This is a revolution in automotive care.

“The devices cost just £19.99 and will work anywhere you have a WiFi signal on your phone. They pack away neatly with no mess or tangles cables.”

She explained Van Halen had developed the specialist jump leads after being inspired by the world’s first cordless garden hose.

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