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What makes an excellent racehorse?

Photo by Pietro Mattia on Unsplash

Admit it or not, when it comes to the world of sports betting, horse racing is on top of the list. The horse racing industry has brought the sports betting world to a whole new level of legal gambling. It had attracted hundreds and thousands of horse racing fans across the country and all major horse racing events have been attended by millions of fans.

Not only that, as the horse racing industry continues to dominate the world of sports betting, it’s growth had massively evolved. There are different versions of parties held before and after the main event, pre-eminent shows being celebrated all over the race track, and most above traditional drinks have been developed as part of the event’s party culture.

On the other hand, as we look at the bigger picture of what as horse racing look like, let’s go back to basic and whose really competing in the said race. These are the thoroughbred horses. Every horse racer is not only joining because they wanted to. They undergo rigid and full training for longer days even years just to make sure they earn that whole stability and endurance. As you go along and wait for the biggest horse racing event in the country to take place this year, let’s take a look at to some qualities of what a really makes an excellent racehorse. We lay to you the basics.

The Soundness

In order for a trainer to make it to the finish line and end up a winner, they should make sure that their racehorse has an excellent soundness quality. The soundness of the horse does not only refer to his ability to grasp what are the instructions that his trainer and jockey command, but it talks about the overall horse aesthetics.

In the course of training a racehorse to come up with a good soundness quality, each trainer follows a guideline to avoid any hitches. Each racehorse should undergo weighing which should reach up to a metric ton that would allow them to complete the 40 mph speed in the race track. Besides, when they reach the said weight and speed, the overall aesthetics of the racehorse should have physically skeletal thin legs.

When a racehorse reaches a good sounding quality, he is more likely to win in any horse racing tournament. As we speak with a horse racing tournament, TVG Preakness Stakes 2019 is about to start in 3 months and a lot of horse racing fans are looking forward to this grand event.  Along with this achievement, his trainer should make sure that he maintains this quality up until the tournament begins. The racehorse should also be physically fit and properly groomed. Truly, when a racehorse has a good soundness quality his ability to beat his opponents even in a longer horse racing show will be a piece of cake.

Balanced Appetite

Good quality of racehorse follows a balanced diet and appetite. As they go along with their rigid training, it is inevitable that they would more likely to eat well. As a trainer, you have to make sure that your racehorse maintains a good weight all throughout his training and until the race day begins.

This will also make sure that the racehorse won’t go overweight or underweight because it will affect his performance. Like humans, a  racehorse that has no balanced diet should more likely give out a poor performance in his racing show.

The Constitution

An excellent racehorse should have a good constitution. Constitution refers to both the physical and mental ability of every racehorse. A good racehorse does show signs of being tired. If you are a trainer and maintains a good constitution for your racehorse, you’ll see that he is good at training, eats well, saddle enthusiastically, and most of all get a good rest.

At the same time, a racehorse is in a good constitution when his internals is also in good conditions. That means that he maintains a good heartbeat, his limbs are intact, strong pair of lungs, and his heart is vital enough and ready for a long race course.

The Desire

The most important ingredient you have to make sure that your racehorse has is the desire. Bear In mind that you may all have the talent bestowed upon you. Your race horse may also have the best qualities and foreseen to be a real winner. But, on the other hand, if your racehorse doesn’t have any desire to compete and win, then everything won’t make sense at all.

If you are a trainer, you should also be patient enough and you should display a good desire to train your racehorse in achieving all the best qualities they need to compete in the race track. You should take charge of carefully the training guidelines you set for a racehorse and at the same time manage them rightfully so they may also grasp that attitude and make it to the finish line.

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