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Twitter Blue Tick Madness for Useless

Twitter Blue Tick Madness for Useless
Twitter Blue Tick Madness for Useless

The Twittersphere is in disarray over the new blue tick system being introduced in the wake of Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. Popular with people who love the sound of their own sentences.

It was all so simple before! If you really were the person or entity you said you were, your account could be verified with a Blue Tick,.and your identity secured. However, since the introduction of the $8 verification purchase racket. Not only has the platform become swamped with ‘verified unofficial official blue-ticked accounts’ but the system itself has been rendered meaningless due to the universal availability of the old tick, which is now about as useful as a UK university degree.

I’m Slim Shady

Among those baffled at the new Blue Tick verification system is Lorraine Fisher, 34,.Chief Economist at the Bank of England. She told us why the financial markets were being affected by Musk’s radical intervention. “Well, when you have a situation where there are six Federal Reserve accounts all saying different things. nine heads of the European Central Bank saying something else. Then you have four Japanese Finance Ministers,.two of whom want the Yen to rally against the Dollar, and two of whom want the opposite. And least helpful of all, there are two Brazils. Yes… two of Brazil. The country – both claiming to be the real Brazil. It’s a complete SNAFU. We don’t know who to believe!”

In an attempt to sort out the identity chaos that has erupted since the tick fee was introduced,.Musk’s team has decided to do something about it. How do you solve a problem caused by a Blue Tick? With another tick of course!

Blue Tick but Money for nothing

Twitter is soon to launch the ‘Official label’ – a grey tick with the word ‘Official’ stuck under the profile username. The new tick looks exactly the same as the old blue tick. A little checkmark inside a circle, except the verified circle is filled blue and the new grey one is a less substantial outline only. Some people say Musk is cleverer than Einstein. In getting thousands of people to purchase utterly worthless digital blue ticks at $8 dollars a pop, I think he just proved it.

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