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New Saudi Tesla factory in the pipeline?

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA – Eccentric billionaire and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is reportedly in advanced negotiations with Saudi Arabia to establish a Tesla factory within the Kingdom.

In exchange for this monumental partnership, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has allegedly promised to ensure a steady supply of critical metals such as cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In return, the Saudi delegation, known for their penchant for traditional dress, has allegedly requested that Mr. Musk, famous for his casual jeans and T-shirt attire and his occasional foray into superhero costume, don the customary Saudi robes and headgear when gracing the Tesla office in Riyadh.

The news of Musk’s sartorial adaptation has taken the worlds of motoring and fashion by surprise. Known for his penchant for sleek suits and futuristic fashion, the prospect of Musk embracing the flowing robes and headdresses of traditional Saudi attire has left many in stitches.

ion Man

Meanwhile, the promise of securing critical metals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo has sparked its own controversy. Cobalt, a vital component in lithium-ion batteries and Iron Man’s powered exoskeleton, is at the center of environmental and ethical concerns due to unethical mining practices in the region. In an attempt to address these concerns, Musk has suggested that Tesla may introduce the “Model C,” or the “Cobalt-Free” vehicle, in a bid to promote more sustainable sourcing practices.

Tesla factory in KSA

As negotiations continue, it remains to be seen whether this fanciful agreement will come to fruition. Will Musk really trade in his casual attire for a more traditional look? Can Saudi Arabia secure the critical resources they desire? Only time will tell if a change of clothes will be enough to seal the deal. In the world of international business, anything can happen, and as the saying goes, “When in Riyadh, dress as the Saudis do.”

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