Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Tiers at bedtime

There will be tiers at bedtime today as Britain realises coming out of lockdown next week means nothing of the sort.

The Government today sets out which tiers all of us will be in after December 2, with tougher rules in each.

And most people will find they are still facing severe restrictions, impacting on business and daily routines.

Even Suffolk, despite being one of the most COVID-free counties of Britain, might not scrape into Tier 1.

Going to the pub means having to eat a substantial meal, recite War and Peace off the top of your head, balance on one leg with your eyes closed while turning in circles, wearing all red and carrying a plank of wood.

Suffolk woman Lorraine Fisher, 34, was dismayed by the prospect of more tiers.

“Bollocks,” she said.

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