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Do you have a copy of the Sue Gray report? Oh, you do? Wonderful!

J R Hartley Sue Gray report
Mr Hartley finds an elusive copy of the Sue Gray report

Retired Suffolk author J R Hartley has become the first to see Sue Gray’s long-awaited report into Downing Street lockdown parties.

As the Prime Minister, the Met Police and the whole nation searches high and low for the report, Mr Hartley has got their first.

Using his trusty copy of the Yellow Pages, he telephoned Sue Gray’s office and asked: “Do you have a copy of the Sue Gray report?”

When he was told they did, 84-year-old Mr Hartley was overjoyed.

“Oh, you do?” he said, with a twinkle in his eye. “Wonderful!”

He then cupped the phone receiver in his hand and grinned with delight.

His granddaughter, Lorraine Fisher, 34, from Ipswich said: “Like the rest of us, granddad had given up hope of ever seeing the Sue Gray report again.

“Thank you, Yellow Pages, for making it possible.”

Boris Johnson’s advisers, worried about law-breaking Downing Street parties, have already been on the phone to J R Hartley, fishing for information about what the report might say.

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