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England fans face crackdown on fake shirts ahead of Euro 2024

England fans face crackdown on fake shirts ahead of Euro 2024

WEMBLEY, ENGLAND – Football fever is in the air as fans gear up for Euro 2024, but amidst the excitement. England supporters are being cautioned against donning counterfeit football shirts, with the threat of hefty fines looming over those caught in possession of fake merchandise.

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In a bid to support their team without breaking the bank, many fans have turned to alternative sources for replica jerseys. Which offer a more budget-friendly option compared to the steep price tags of official kits.

However, the allure of affordable alternatives may come at a cost, as wearing counterfeit shirts in Germany during the tournament could land fans in hot water.

Euro 2024 endangered shirts

Trademark law violations are at the heart of the crackdown on fake shirts. With penalties reaching as high as €5,000 (£4,260) for offenders. Random checks at major transport hubs and event venues are expected to be commonplace, leaving fans at risk of facing fines for their choice of attire.

Fans get shirty

But amidst the fervor over fake shirts, some football enthusiasts are raising eyebrows at the England team’s own jersey choices.

The iconic red-shirted kits of England’s footballing glory days seem to have been replaced by multicoloured ‘woke’ or purple alternatives. Leading some fans to argue that the real “fake shirts” are the ones worn by the players themselves.

The departure from tradition has sparked debate among purists, who long for the nostalgia of England’s 1966 heyday.

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