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‘Sex Kebab’ adds extra spice to fast food delivery

‘Sex Kebab’ adds extra spice to fast food delivery
‘Sex Kebab’ adds extra spice to fast food delivery

KESSINGLAND, SUFFOLK – Local fast food delivery joint, “Bab’s Kebabs,” has unveiled its latest mouth-watering creation: the seductive “sex kebab.”

With the enticing promise of “free delivery included,” this provocative dish has quickly become the talk of the town. Sending culinary chemistry through the community.

Described as a tantalizing blend of passion, desire, and a sprinkle of mischief. The “sex kebab” offers patrons an unconventional feast of carnal delights that transcends the boundaries of conventional cuisine. Imagine skewering together various amorous ingredients onto a metaphorical spit. Where the flavours blend and sizzle just like the participants in a scandalous love affair.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before,” remarked satisfied customer. Jane Plancton, 32, blushing furiously as she attempted to conceal her guilty pleasure. “One bite, and… ooh la la!”

Pork sword

However, not everyone in Kessingland is embracing the arrival of the “sex kebab” with open arms. Moral crusader, Thomas Crinch, chair of the campaign group Residents AGainst Everything (RAGE) expressed outrage at what he perceives as a brazen promotion of promiscuity under the guise of fast food. “This is an affront to decency and morality!” he declared on behalf of his members, “What’s next I ask you? Orgasmic omelets? Intimate ice cream? It’s a slippery slope, mark my words! WHAAAAT!?”

Despite the controversy swirling around “Bab’s Kebabs” and their scandalous new offering. There’s no denying the allure of the “sex kebab” for adventurous diners seeking a cute culinary experience like no other.

Just remember, indulging in this provocative dish may leave you both satiated and skewered, with a side of spicy regret. Bon appétit… and bon voyage to your dignity!

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