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Veganuary participant managing to mention it every five minutes

Vegan gives up being smug for Lent

A woman who is trying out Veganuary for the first time is somehow managing to work it into conversation every five minutes.

Now, all friends and relatives of Lorraine Fisher, 34, know she is “doing her bit” to save the planet after watching some dodgy documentary about meat on Netflix.

And within an hour of getting back to work today, her colleagues had heard all about it, too.

Ms Fisher said: “It’s a new year and a new me. Now, I am better than everyone else because I shall be meat and dairy-free – and all that other unhealthy stuff.

“Did I tell you how much damage cows do to the environment?”

Family friend Steve Walshe was not quite so fond of Lorraine’s animal-friendly diet.

He said: “She bored us rigid over Christmas saying she was going to do Veganuary – and now she is telling us in great detail about every meal she is preparing.

“She is lecturing and hectoring while being oh so woke.

“And we all know she’ll celebrate the end of Veganuary with a huge bacon sandwich on February 1, so what’s the point?”

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