Monday, June 3, 2024

Pub regulars suddenly massive fans of Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are a substantive meal

England’s pub-goers have confirmed they have always loved Scotch Eggs and regularly eat them as a substantial meal, seven times a week.

Before now, everyone assumed a “substantial meal” meant you had to polish off a large dish if you wished to sit and enjoy a drink in a pub after lockdown.

But Environment Secretary George Eustace today confirmed a Scotch Egg was substantive.

Now drinkers say they are looking forward to a daily pub meal consisting of a Scotch Egg and eight pints from Thursday.

Eighteen-stone boozer Steve Walshe, 43, said: “Oh, yes. I have always considered a Scotch Egg a substantive meal.

“I regularly tuck into one of the dainty sausage meat eggy treats and take a couple of hours to get through it.

“Sometimes I have one for a starter as well, so it will take four or five hours in the pub to get through that lot.”

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