Monday, May 20, 2024

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Annoyingly loud neigbours planning to ruin your sunshine weekend

Your neighbours are planning a weekend of loud garden activities so you can’t enjoy the sunshine, it has emerged.

While you’re spending the last few hours of the working week pretending to be busy, they are already filling their paddling pool, scrubbing the barbecue, setting up their outside music system and stocking up on booze.

If you thought it might be nice to sit outside in temperatures reaching 24 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, you’ve got no chance.

Annoying neighbour Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “It’s warm enough for t-shirts, so that means we’ll start getting pissed and making as much noise as we like.

“We’ve got games to play like badminton, and the kids will be running around screaming.

“And as we drink more and more booze, our voices will get louder and louder, and we’ll all burst into uncontrollable cackles of laughter whenever someone says something remotely amusing.

“By then we won’t care what anyone else thinks.”

Quiet neighbour Steve Walshe said: “I just want to sit out in the garden and relax in the warm weather but will probably just have to go out for a long drive instead.”

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