Monday, July 15, 2024

Man uses power of the Sun to cook his breakfast during UK heatwave

Danny Haw, 30, cooked bacon, eggs, and beans under the English sun during the recent UK heatwave.

He managed to cook his breakfast on a metal fridge outside his house. His meal was ready in 30
minutes. Danny documented everything on Tiktok.

During UK heatwave his video got half a million views. He said he bought a metal fridge and it was too hot to touch due to the hot sun. He thought, why not try to cook something on it. He didn’t eat it, he just thought it would be a great thought experiment.

People left comments such as “I did this earlier, it failed lol” and “Sweet. Can I get a full
English please? No tinned tomatoes please.”

Mother nature might give you skin cancer being under the sun that long but as long as you get to
save on your electricity and gas bill it’s totally okay. Who needs a BBQ when you can harness the energy of the sun?

Luckily Danny Haw didn’t get cancer or a heat stroke from being outside doing this experiment.

BBC got inspired:

BBC producers and executives saw the video and are allegedly in pre-production to create a
show where professional chefs cook their meals in hot weather. They want to call it, “Cooking Under The English Sun”.

Gordon Ramsey is in talks to join the show. They said they would have loved to include Anthony
Bourdain but he unfortunately passed away. They approached the mouse from Ratatouille but he

New Legislations:

In 2023, Suffolk will pass a new law for those cooking under the sun. If you are going to cook
under the sun using mother nature’s air fryer, you will have to pay taxes on that. They will take it
from your pay check called “solar tax”.

Suffolk is also opening up a restaurant where they cook your meals outside.
The restaurant will be called “Sunffolk’s Oven”.


It will be a top tier fine dining restaurant where it will only be open as long as the sun is up.
Billiam Jonald,77, is a professor at MIT. He teaches theoretical physics and a course called
“Cooking with the sun 101”.

He says, “It’s best to cook your food under the sun even though you are essentially cooking
yourself too when you spend that much time in the sun”.
He also stated that he found the exact same quote inside Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s

The quote was, “I don’t believe that the sun will explode. I believe that aliens will suck up all the energy from the sun on a nice Sunday afternoon BBQ effectively wiping out our galaxy.

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