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Awkward: Prince Philip welcomes Donald Trump and ‘Stormy’ to Buckingham Palace

Prince Philip put his foot in it again today when he welcomed Donald Trump and his wife “Stormy” to Buckingham Palace for the State Visit.

The Duke, famous for being undiplomatic, shook the President’s hand and turned to Melania before quipping: “And Stormy, I’ve seen all your films.”

Royal flunkies immediately moved the Trumps down the welcome line at the Palace before the party went inside for the official state banquet.

But the damage had already been done. Mr Trump was said to be “furious” and the dinner seating plan was hastily rearranged so that Philip was placed at the other end of the table.

Trump and Stormy Daniels

Royal servant Lorraine Fisher, 34, confirmed: “It was awkward. Philip grinned as he welcomed Melania, calling her Stormy.

“He clearly did it on purpose, it wasn’t as though he was simply confused.”

The quip came after Mr Trump and a guardsman got into a disagreement over who had the most ridiculous thing on their head.

A lawsuit against Mr Trump, brought by former porn star Stormy Daniels who claimed they had an affair, was thrown out of court in March.

Philip’s comment came after the Queen sent him to Stansted Airport to pick up Donald Trump earlier in the day.

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