New anti-obesity law forces McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King to open on hills

Fast food restaurants must open on top of a hill, according to tough Government anti-obesity laws

New Government rules to combat obesity include forcing fast-food giants to open new outlets on the top of hills.

Chubby Brits will now have to take a little light exercise by walking up a hill before stuffing their faces with burgers, pizza and fried chicken.

From midnight tonight, new planning rules will only allow a fast-food chain to open a restaurant on top of a slope of 4% or more.

Government fat tsar Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “We realise we can’t stop the obese population from binge-eating crap.

“But we can now make them take some exercise before they do.

“Having to walk up a moderate hill will hopefully put many fatties off their patties.”

Critics say the measures won’t work well in East Anglia, where there are very few hills.

“We have thought of that,” explained Ms Fisher.

“So, customers there will need to operate a treadmill on the pavement for five minutes before the restaurant door will open.”

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