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Don’t mention the VAR: German referee officiates England vs Ukraine

England fan Basil Fawlty

England fans are urged not to mention the VAR as a German referee will officiate the crunch Euros quarter-final against Ukraine.

Herr Felix Brych is the man with the whistle on Saturday in Rome, raising fears that Germany could dump England out of the Euros after all.

Supporters club representative Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “We need to keep on Herr Brych’s good side.

“So don’t mention the VAR, even though he may have started it by awarding a penalty.

“We may have mentioned the VAR before, but I think we got away with it.”

Herr Brych is a world-class referee and will be completely impartial, even though England beat Germany earlier in the week to send them home.

VAR – virtual assistant referee- has been hugely controversial since it was introduced to football in 2019.

England fan Basil Fawlty, 37, from Torquay in Devon, said: “Yes, yes. I was telling the Major in the bar the other day that we’ll get through all right.

“But if it’s Spain in the final, don’t expect me to give my waiter the night off. He knows nothing.”

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