Cat ears are large so they’re better equipped to ignore you

tree stuck up cat

Cat ears are large so they are much better equipped to completely ignore you, scientists have confirmed.

The pet cat has 32 muscles in each ear and can move them independently, meaning the cat can still ignore you while looking the other way.

A study by the Feline Institute in Suffolk found domestic cats have developed cat-like hearing. They use it to become master hunters and to avoid trouble.

But the moment you tell it to move off the sofa or come over for a cuddle, your cat will become as deaf as a post.

Cat expert Professor Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Cat ears have developed as the ideal means to ignore their owners.

“They can hear them upstairs, sit by the back door and meow loudly to be let outside. Then, when someone comes along to open it for them, they walk the other way and go for a nap on the chair.”

The study shows cats like to believe they are in charge, whereas pet dogs are stupid and will do anything you want to please you.

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