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Sales of Waitrose plastic containers soar as shoppers urged to bring own packaging

Sales of Waitrose plastic containers are going through the roof after the supermarket announced it was removing packaging from hundreds of products.

Waitrose opening times have never been more anticipated by middle-class mums keen to snap up their very own plastic containers.

Then they can use them to stock up with lots of exciting pasta and cereal products for their favourite Waitrose recipes.

And the process is a perfect refilling initiative because when customers break or lose their plastic containers, they can simply go back to the store and buy some more.

Waitrose near me

Shopper Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Now I have heard this exciting news about packaging, I am going to a Waitrose near me to buy some plastic containers.”

The Waitrose trial will see if customers adding products to their own plastic containers, rather than using the traditionally packed products alongside.

With many items involved, including cereals, pasta, grains, lentils, couscous, dried fruit, Waitrose wine and washing up, customers will likely have to buy dozens of plastic containers.

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