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‘Christmas miracle’ as missing moggie returns to Suffolk family

'Christmas miracle' as missing moggie returns to Suffolk family

WEST BERGHOLT, SUFFOLK – A jubilant family said they received a “Christmas miracle” when their cat, ‘Westlife’, returned home after being missing for SIX years.

Westlife, who disappeared in 2018, thrilled his owners when he turned up on Christmas morning, albeit with one leg missing.

Old food bowl

Owner Nelly Piston, of West Bergholt, Suffolk told the SUFFOLK GAZETTE that just after the family had swapped gifts from under the tree. They heard a scratching sound at their back door.

Christmas miracle

When youngest daughter Fiona (3) opened the door, the missing moggie tipped forward and fell face-first into its old food bowl which had remained untouched since its disappearance six years earlier. “My daughter just screamed as she had never seen a cat before, let alone one with three legs – a triped – and let alone one that used to be part of our family, long before she was born.” Said Piston, holding back tears of comfort and joy, comfort and joy.

We wanted to know more, so we contacted veteran Welsh television presenter, Johnny Morris

OBE, who was best known for talking to animals on his hit 1970s BBC zoological kids’ show, Animal Magic. Unfortunately, Morris died in 1999 but he nonetheless agreed to translate cat into English for us for the purposes of this story. 

SG:      Why did you disappear and and where have you been?

WL:     Miaw, miaw, Queen miaw miaw beatings miaw.

JM:      I’ve been to London to look at the Queen. I left because the Piston family used to beat me.

SG:      Why didn’t you contact the RSPCA?

WL:     Miaw, miaw, miaw miaw miaw, miaw phone number miaw.

JM:      I didn’t have their phone number.

SG:      Did you get to see the Queen?

WL:     Miaw, miaw, miaw miaw miaw, miaw dead miaw.

JM:      No, she died before I got there.

SG:      Why have you come back?

WL:     Miaw, miaw, miaw miaw miaw, miaw Whiskas miaw.

JM:      Food.

SG:      What happened to your leg?

WL:     Miaw, miaw?

JM:      Which one?

SG:      The missing one?

WL:     Miaw, miaw, miaw miaw miaw, miaw £500 miaw.

JM:      I sold it for £500.

SG:      To who?

WL:     Miaw, miaw, miaw cat miaw miaw, miaw three legs miaw.

JM:      Another cat I met who also had three legs.

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